5226 W. Chinden Blvd. Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 721 0588

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 We are incredibly lucky to have access to Phinny Hill and Porteus Vineyards.


Mac discovered these vineyards ten years ago; it was a dream to ferment such beautiful grapes. 


Overlooking Champoux Vineyards in West Horse Heaven Hill, the cobble and mineral content of the soil defines the Phinny Hill estate character. In the Rattlesnake hills, Porteus Vineyard's distinctive qualities are found in a blend of the gravel and clay.


Bacchaus loves the hills. 

our story

We bring the best grapes to the coolest place.


In 2000 we started a high altitude fermentation program in Ketchum, ID which buzzed us in the same way that mountain biking, fly fishing and crashing down ski slopes did.


In 2016 the Frenchman's Gulch Winery moved to Caldwell, Idaho.


We will always remain a family owned and European styled winery. When our liquid pleasure dances on your tongue, you will taste mountains, sun, and frosty cheeks. So raise your glass of Ketchum Cuvee to the Joie de Vivre!



Our grapes come from spectacular vineyards to the breathtaking valleys of Idaho to be handcrafted. With a style uniquely focused on balance and silky tannins, we utilize a minimalist approach in the high altitude environment. We avoid mass production techniques so we can have an intimate knowledge of every barrel we produce.


Loving sublime and austere wines sets us apart from, as Jim Harrison said, "the syrupy California cabs so favored by the nitwits." The magic wands for accomplishing this are balance and acidity.

Our team consists of a fine group of dedicated Bacchanalians. Mike presses at harvest, Mick and Brent play with the corker, Chrissy is precise on the labeler, Cal tapes and stacks, Leo picks the tunes, and Emac assists all, while Mac’s incredible olfaction guides the flavors. Instead of noisy machines, the cellar is filled with lovely chatter.